js-countries: Cool Country Lookups

I made this for the product I'm currently working on, because I got so fed up with how most engineers think about countries as alphabetical lists.

I realised, that most peope come from the countries with the most people in them (I know, profound), so if I'm making an auto-complete text field for inputting a country - I should probably weight the results by population – oh and people might like to type their country name in their own language? And once they've input the country, I'd like to know things like “what is the ISO-2 or ISO-3 code for that country?” or “What's the international extension for that country?” or even “What's the license plate code for that country?”. And it's all in there. I say “all”, but there are a lot of gaps. And I think that's how countries work. Some don't have license plate codes – some have more than one – some have multiple international extensions.

You can find it on Github and NPM and here's a demo:

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