Hey there, stranger

This is the personal website of Rasmus Frederiksen. I work as a user interface expert, I used to be a graphic designer and photographer, then became a computer scientist; now, I work with digital product development, combining all that I know to make outstanding digital products. Apart from the usual contact and background malarky, this is where I put things I make (usually some form of software) or write.

Projects and Blog

The stuff I post on here only makes the cut if I think it has some value to others and needs a home on the internet. You can browse “Projects” and “Blog”. Projects are mostly snippets of code that I've developed for fun, as part of tooling or to solve a some problem in a reusable way.

The blog is where I stick longer article-type writing. The criteria here is the same as for my projects - it must have some value for others and be either useful or fun (which is just a funny way of being useful).

Quotes that have inspired me over the years

Everyone loves a good quote. And the quotes you like usually says something about you. So consider this a sneak peek.